The Packs page is the place where you can find all the packs that come with Boombox, and also your own packs, which you can import here or make yourself. This page is the perfect starting place if you are looking for a specific sound, vibe, or emotion that you want to add to your timeline!

Boombox packs

When you open Boombox for the first time you will see that there is already an extensive collection of packs that come with Boombox. These packs regularly and new packs appear almost every month. You can start exploring these packs by downloading all of the packs, or if space on your workstation is limited download just single packs that fit your style just perfectly.

By clicking on a pack you select the pack and some new options will appear in the Action button in the search bar. Now you can see that specific pack information or uninstall this single pack.

By holding SHIFT + clicking the packs you can select multiple packs and browse through only the sounds of these packs.

At the bottom of the panel, you will see the pack title, sound count, and most common tags for this pack. You can search for the tag by clicking on one. You will also find the pack information and an option to uninstall the pack in the small menu in the corner.

When you have one or multiple packs selected, you can click again on the pack to browse through the sounds of the pack(s).

User packs

In the latest version of Boombox, we made it easier to make your own packs, filled with your favorite sounds, and also to export and import your own packs. Creating your own pack is easy and straightforward.

To start off you navigate to the User tab on the Packs screen and here you either "Create Pack" or "Import User Pack". You are then prompted to the Pack Manager panel.

If you have a selection of sounds that you want to put in a pack, drag them over the panel, or click "Add Sounds". The sounds will appear in a list and you can edit a single sound by clicking it. If you hold SHIFT + clicking the sound you can select and edit multiple sounds.

In the info panel, you can edit the name of the sound, title and image of the pack, manage and add tags to the sound, and define the "hit" point of the sound by sliding the cue point slider.

Lastly, in the list on the left side of your sounds list, you find all of the tags that Boombox ships with. You can also assign these tags to your own sounds so you'll always find what you want when browsing through Boombox. You can select the tags for a sound by clicking the tags while you have one sound selected, or when you have multiple sounds selected.

If you are happy with your pack, you can hit "Save" in the top right corner and close the Pack Manager panel. Alternatively, you can click "Save & Export" to save a .ZIP of the pack, so you can import it later.

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