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Boombox is a sound design toolkit and audio library for motion designers. Boombox is available as an Extension to extend the functionality of the Creative Cloud applications Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. **

The most complete sound design toolkit and audio library for Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects

Perfectly sync studio-quality audio with an interface and tools designed for professional animators.

Complete sound design solution for commercial animation; with never-before-seen abilities to simplify and advance how you think about audio.

System requirements

Due to the Adobe Extension API becoming available in late 2017, Boombox can only be installed on modern versions of Adobe Creative Cloud application.

Boombox is compatible with any workstation with hardware that can run Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects. See below for a list of software compatibility:



After Effects CC


Premiere CC


We recommend using Boombox in Adobe Premiere using a rendered video for the best experience. Adobe Premiere is best suited to handle audio and video playback.

Additional requirements

Included with Boombox is our royalty-free audio library of sound effects. Boombox sounds can be used in your favorite DAW application as .WAV files as outlined in our EULA (End-User License Agreement)

For more about the allowances and restrictions of our Royalty Free License see below:


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If you still have questions after reviewing this Boombox guide please visit our Support page. Enjoy learning and we hope Boombox is a fantastic addition to your workflow.

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