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When Boombox is first installed a License Key is required to activate and finalize the process. You can Login and Logout of your License Key and easily switch to a different workstation.

Boombox supports Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. See System Requirements for more information about the Creative Cloud versions supported.
We recommend using Boombox in Adobe Premiere using a rendered video for the best experience. Adobe Premiere is best suited to handle audio and video playback.

To open Boombox, go to your Application Bar > Window > Extensions > Boombox
Boombox is resizable, scalable and dockable. Drag and drop the Boombox window anywhere in your application Workspace.

When Boombox is opened for the first time, a License Key is required to Login and finalize your installation.

You can get your License Key from your Checkout Email. If you forgot your License Key, you can recover it on our Help page​

After a valid License Key is pasted into Boombox, the Extension will verify the number of installs/seats available and Login.
After the first valid Login Boombox can work in Offline Mode for 7 days. After that, an internet connection needed to re-validate the license.

If the License Key is valid, but the Seat Count reached. Boombox will prompt you with a license manager screen where you can Login or Logout of workstations using your License Key.

If the License Key check fails, a couple situations may have happened:
  1. 1.
    The License Key isn't real, or entered incorrectly
  2. 2.
    The workstation has no internet connection to verify license
For more information, or for assistance please visit our Support​
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