Sound Packs

Fresh audio is more fun


Just like regular design, sound design also comes in trends, and having a flexible library becomes essential for creators to keep up with a fast moving industry.

Each month* Boombox gets a brand new Sound Pack full of interesting sounds to enhance the library. Each new Sound Pack becomes a "branch" of Boombox that is continually maintained and improved by our Composer and head of Audio Production, Isaac Brockshus.

The maintenance includes improving existing Tags and Cue Points, re-mastering audio and adding even more new sounds.

*pending pandemic delays


It's easy and fun get the latest Sound Packs. New Sound Packs are synced out via the Mt. Mograph servers and are automatically delivered to your UI. All you have to do is click the 'Available' packs and see what new ones are available.

For existing Sound Packs, if you have Auto-Update turned on your Packs will automatically update.

Sound Data

There is a lot more than meets the eye with the Boombox Library sounds. They include specific and catalogued meta-data to make sound design more fluid.

Cue Point

Every sound effect in the Library has a "cue" point / or in musical terms "hit," for complex sounds, or series of noises there is still a proper or, expected resolution. Which is why our award-winning composer, Isaac Brockshus, is the brain behind our perfectly synchronized Cue Points.

Align your CTI (Current Timeline Indicator) with a visual action in your Composition or Sequence and when you Add (+) the sound, it will be placed via a perfect Cue Point so the sound is logically connected to your work.

Search Tags

Sounds have a wide spectrum of flavors, so it's important to have more than one way to find the right sound effects. Each sound has tens of background Tags from a variety of disciplines (describing the sound via motion/action musical terms and even phonetically etc.)

Background search Tags give any User has a better chance at finding sound effects in their way.

The current Boombox Library has over 880 Tags assaigned to more than 4000+ sounds.


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