On the Browse page, you are able to interact with all of the sounds in Boombox, or only the ones you searched for. Add them to the timeline, cue them on your desired point or swap them with a different sound; this is the page where you do all of that and more.

SFX actions

The main part of the Browse page is for you to add sounds to the timeline and make this as easy as possible. There are a couple of ways to add a sound to the timeline.

First of all, you can select a sound and hit the "Add" button, or alternatively, you can hit Enter on your keyboard. This will line up the cue point of the sound with your Current Time Indicator (CTI) in your timeline.

Every Boombox sound has a cue point. This is the point in the sound where audio "hits" or peaks. Line up the CTI with the peak of your animation to sync sounds perfectly!

The second method that you can use to add sounds to the timeline is using the "Cue Sound" action. If you don't want to sync up a sound to the CTI, but to another sound, you can use this button. First, select the sound in your timeline that you want to have your new sound lined up to, then select the sound that you want to import, then click "Cue Sound". Now you have these two sounds lined up perfectly on their cue points.

The third method of adding a sound is using the "Swap Sound" action. The name speaks for itself, it swaps the sound that you select with a new sound. So first, select the sound in the timeline that you want to swap with, then select the new sound that you want to have in your timeline, then click "Swap Sound" and these two sounds will be swapped.

In After Effects, when you add a sound, a marker is added to the sound to visually see where the cue point is. You can hide these markers by going to Menu > Interface > Cue Point Markers

Searching sounds

To find the perfect sound for your animation you need good ways to look for them. Boombox has multiple options to do this.

If you have a really specific sound in mind and you know what it's called as well you can use the search bar to type in the name of this sound. The list will automatically filter for you.

If you are not sure how a sound is called, but you know the vibe of the sound that you're are looking for, you can use the list of tags on the left side of the list of sounds. Every sound has multiple tags and by clicking on a tag you get a list of all the sounds that have that specific tag. By holding SHIFT + clicking the tags you can select multiple tags.

If you know that you are looking for sounds in a specific pack or packs, you can search for packs by clicking on the little Boombox circle logo in the search bar. This will open up a list of all the packs installed and from here you can select one or multiple and make that your selection. You can remove the packs from your selection again by clicking their bubble images in the search bar.

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