The Collections page is the spot to find all of your favorite sounds, a history of sounds you imported, and all of the sounds in your current project, on the same compact screen as the Browse page.


Throughout Boombox you can favorite every sound that you like and want to use another time. A list of all your favorites is compiled on this page. In the Action button in the search bar, you have the option to unfavorite all of the sounds if you would like to do that.


Every time you import a sound from Boombox into your timeline it gets saved in the History list. This is not limited by the project but tracks all of the imports you made using Boombox.


To get a more concise view of all the sounds that you used in your current project you can head over to the project tab. If you like the current collection of sounds, or you want to work on your project on a different workstation and have all the sounds packed together, there is the option to "Create Project Pack". This will grab all of the sounds in your project and put them in a pack. You can then also easily export this pack and import it elsewhere.

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