General UI

A couple building blocks


To help structure Boombox, the UI is broken down into sections, called content blocks. There are five content blocks in Boombox that group UI elements that are similar together.


UI Position

1 — Navigation Bar


2 — Search Bar

second from top

3 — Search Results


4 — Preview Controls

second from bottom

5 — Screen Functions


Understanding the general UI layout will make using Boombox a breeze. Read through the Content Block types below, or jump ahead to the Home screen.

1. Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is at the top of the Boombox UI. Click the icons in the Navigation Bar to move through different screens.


There are four screens in Boombox to help at different stages of sound design.




Browse through Sound Packs and manage User Sounds


View a history of sounds that were Added to the Timeline


Navigate, Search and filter down the library of sounds


Control and mix sounds with Pan and Volume

To quickly navigate through Boombox, you can use controls to go Back and Forward through screens.

Using the < and > will feel just like using any web browser, or familiar app

2. Search Bar

The Search Bar is a key component to finding the right sounds for your project. The Search Bar is the second content block in the Boombox UI.

Search Types

You can search the Boombox library using two methods:

  1. Typing your search query

  2. Clicking Packs, Tags or Sounds

To select multiple-sounds or Tags hold CMD + click

Result Labels

Beneath the Search Bar there are also Result Labels to help identify the Search Results below. You can also toggle different View Preferences with the icons to the right.

Column Labels

The text beneath the Search Bar will change on different Screens, to help identify the Search Results in more detail. The Column Labels also include a total count of the query below (i.e. Packs, Tags, Sounds)

View Preferences

To change the UI for the Search Results content block, there are two buttons available in the Result Labels



Display Type

Toggle the Search Results between stacked and column designs

Pack Art

Toggle artwork to display on the Home screen for Packs

At small sizes Boombox will automatically adjust View Preferences for ideal visibility.

3. Search Results

Result Type

4. Preview Controls


Add to Timeline

After Effects


Sorting Options


Timeline Density


5. Screen Functions